Productions by Perspective is an upcoming video production company, founded by 3 young creatives in the Netherlands. It was established in 2020 with a focus on music videos, but the company will soon be expanding to commercials. We offer an all-in-one package creating a video from story to production to end result. With our unique vision and creativity we want to make a difference in the current media industry. Our content is mainly aimed towards 18 to 25 year olds.


As humans, we all think and tell our stories in a narrative form. We read children narratively, we listen to narrative music and almost all movies we watch are narratives. It only seems logical for us to use narrativity in music videos and commercials, creating an easy understanding of a brand’s message. When watching a narrative video, you get sucked into the story. Positive emotions arise, brand credibility is built and a positive feeling about the brand is created. When creating these videos for brands (companies, music artists), Productions by Perspective focuses on making videos that have a cinematic feel. By thinking outside of the box our stories keep the attention of the audience to the very end of every video. We often work with a playful mix of humor and different film genres that suit the brand.


Social media often shows an unachievable, unrealistic, ‘perfect’ image. This image has a big impact on how young people see themselves and each other. By using inclusivity to promote your brand or music, you have the opportunity to create the feeling of representation amongst your audience. Our company creates inclusive media by showing realistic people and stories. We strive to create media that is representative of our generation. From Netflix-watching students to broke gym fanatics to pregnant 18-year olds and everything around and in between.

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